Business Lines

GDLN Asia Pacific offers services in the context of the following 4 business lines, based on the different approaches and combination of skills and technology required:

1. Structured Courses and training programs
Using the most effective blended learning techniques, where videoconference is combined with electronic media and face-to-face training, these courses are designed for a specific purpose and audience.They may be repeatable and scalable for greater outreach, increasing impact and cost effectiveness.

2. Networks and communities of practice
Demand is growing for communication and up-to-date professional knowledge in specialized areas, particularly at times of crisis when rapid access to information is crucial. The GDLN can provide timely opportunities for experts to gather virtually. Communities of practice are also used to follow up on successful training programs.

3. Communication of formal events, conferences and international dialogs
Clients can maximize the reach of conferences and seminars, or publications through the GDLN.  A single dissemination event such as a book launch will reach audiences in 5 or 6 countries interactively, facilitating an international discussion in a quick, easy, highly effective manner.

4. Development agency operations
The communication and coordination capacity of the GDLN can support the operations of development agencies. It can change the way clients are engaged, in a sustained, long term basis throughout the process of consultation, monitoring and evaluation. Local GDLN centers, with their development orientation and convening capabilities, can also help reach a deep cross section of the community.