The GDLN Asia Pacific acts as the regional access point to the GDLN, where clients and partners may obtain services on a regional basis. A lead GDLN Center will assume responsibility for a given program, while supporting GDLN Centers will ensure that it is tailored to meet local needs, and make all arrangements on behalf of the client. Centers will also assess and communicate local demand for various types of content.

Services are packaged combining the following according to client needs. Fees are largely standardized, but charges may apply depending on the sites connected and level of coordination required. Please contact the GDLN Center nearest you for an estimate.

  • Professional assistance with the design, planning and delivery of programs and events, including instructional design
  • Identification and recruitment of technical experts in a range of disciplines
  • A high quality video-conferencing network with a standard minimum set of facilities and tools at each location, including: a well equipped studio supported by trained studio technicians; simultaneous translation facilities; a range of local and on-line ICT facilities
  • Detailed development of videoconference (VC)  running orders and training of presenters on VC based technique
  • Professional management of studios during events
  • Local facilitators and translators
  • Coordination of invitees and recruitment of participants, leveraging the extensive in-country and international networks of the GDLN, including access to regions outside the Asia Pacific
  • Production of learning materials and publicity materials such as brochures
  • Web casting, web publication, subsequent editing and archiving of programs
  • Refreshments and other event logistics