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TDLC Successfully Delivers Panel Discussion on Disaster Nursing for ACEM 2013

Friday, November 1st, 2013

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

ACEM 2013
Participants listen to a speaker during the panel discussion on disaster nursing.

“Disaster Nursing: Lessons Learned from Asian Countries”, a panel discussion organized by the World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) and the Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM) was held on October 24, 2013. 

In disaster situations where various levels of health care providers are present, nurses often serve as the first and closest as well as the one of the most accessible and sustainable contacts for patients and people affected by disasters. Nurses also perform coordination roles and/or contribute to policy and system development. However, disaster nursing has a tendency to be marginalized in a broader international development agenda. The panel discussion was organized based on the need to address this tendency and to help focus international attention on this important aspect of emergency medicine.

The panel discussion put a spotlight on the critical role of disaster nursing in a broader international development context. It covered the global frameworks of disaster nursing in the context of health system strengthening. Speakers from Japan, India, Indonesia, and Thailand highlighted on-the-ground clinical experiences from their respective country via a videoconference connection to the Tokyo venue.

The panel discussion “Disaster Nursing: Lessons Learned from Asian Countries” was part of a larger event on emergency medicine, ACEM 2013, The 7th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine which took place in Tokyo from October 23 until 25, 2013.