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Successful delivery of 7th Microfinance Training of Trainers Course (MFTOT 7)

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

Participants’ voice from 7th Microfinance Training of Trainers Course (MFTOT7)

“This is a very important course relevant not only for developing countries but for the whole world”, the lead tutor of the MFTOT course, Mr. Nanda Karunagoda said during his remarks at the beginning of the course. “Important” may be a subjective word, but if measured by the evaluation of the participants who undertook the course the 7th Microfinance Training of Trainers Course has proved to be highly successful and important. In addition, over 98% of participants said that they would not hesitate to recommend the course to their colleagues.

Approximately 300 participants took part in the course which ran between December 2010 and April 2011.  As in previous years the course this year was highly rated by participants for quality (over 93%) and for learning effectiveness (over 90%).

Here are some comments by this year’s participants:

“It was the best banking course I have ever attended. So rewarding” – a participant from Nigeria
“Structure of the total learning process was very well organized and encouraging for the participants to follow. Tutor system with comments on each assignment was really helpful” – a participant from Japan
“The course is well organized and very much applicable in our working field” – a participant from Bangladesh
“The course is very relevant, well elaborated and covers all important aspects of microfinance” – a participant from Cameroon
“This is the best learning opportunity about the Microfinance Fields, I suggest to all my friends & colleagues to avail themselves of this chance as soon as possible in coming new session” – a participant from Pakistan
“The course is very useful for the people those who are in the Micro Credit sector. The course is very relevant for them” – a participant from Bangladesh
“This is a practical approach to MF Training. It helped me in my certification exam” – a participant from Nigeria

Growing a global community of microfinance trainers

MFTOT is a unique course that aims to enhance the knowledge of microfinance practitioners so that they may help to strengthen the institutional capacity of microfinance service providers in Asia Pacific and Africa. This year the 7th delivery of the course was scaled up to more than 50 countries and growing numbers from African countries: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. 236 course participants received completion certificates by submitting at least 9 assignments. A further 185 participants received accreditation to become certified trainers of the UNCDF MFDL course. The success rate of those who registered to take the final exam was very high at 89%.

The newly certified trainers join the community of MFTOT trainers which has grown to a total of 694 in 51 countries to date. These certified trainers are expected to take a lead in their communities and some have already proven to be valuable assets for rural finance development and poverty reduction in their countries. They are microfinance practitioners in central banks, commercial banks and MFIs. About 10% of certified trainers are from developed countries (Australia, Japan, France, US, etc.) that can help the development of microfinance from the donor’s side.

Enhanced e-Learning via a Blended Learning approach

The high performance of the participants of the MFTOT training course is testimony to the effectiveness and benefit of e-Learning (online learning). E-learning is flexible (anytime anywhere) and highly accessible.  In the case of MFTOT, a ‘blended approach’ to e-Learning was utilized effectively combining elements such as video conferencing, CD-ROMs and web-based discussion lead by tutors.  Adult learners can easily integrate work and study and communicate with international experts, tutors, and fellow participants without leaving their home or office.

The next delivery of the Microfinance training course will be from December 2011.

MFTOT is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC).