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TDLC’s Structured Learning and Research Activities July 2017

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

TDLC is delivering various knowledge products in collaboration with Japanese and global partners as well as relevant teams and Global Practices in the World Bank. The materials document Japanese development approaches in specific thematic areas with the ultimate goal of applying them to Bank operations in developing countries.

Japan City Planning Synthesis of Japan “10 Things to Know about City Planning in Japan”:

CS City Planning

This booklet has been specially developed as a direct response to request from participants of last year’s first Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Technical Deep Dive (TDD) to have materials that allow them to have a quick grasp of the overall city planning framework in Japan, preferably readable in 30 minutes. This booklet will take you through the most important features of Japanese City Planning, which will further enhance the participants’ understanding of all offerings during the TOD TDD. City_Planning_Japan.pdf

Japan’s Solid Waste Management Policy, Financing and Implementation:


The main objective of this global research is to develop a roadmap on Solid Waste Management (SWM) outlining the reconditions for success and providing practical development approaches to responsibly move up the chain of the waste hierarchy and upgrade existing waste management systems, in which Japan serves as a key case study. The case study seeks to demonstrate that advances in the SWM sector need to be gradual and follow a phased approach that is comprehensive. The example addresses legal, regulatory, institutional, technical, economic, financial and public awareness/social contract aspects. In addition, the case study demonstrates that the development of a sustainable municipal SWM system will principally depend on the availability of financing, in addition to informed public awareness and education, enforcement and a strong commitment by the public sector. The roadmap includes development approaches on how and where to start upgrading the Municipal Waste Management (MSW) sector, what examples to follow, how to organize, how to deal with obstacles faced by local governments, such as lack of funding, lack of planning and operational capacity, lack of awareness and so on. SWM_Roadmap_Japan.pdf

Technical Note on Solid Waste Management:


The Technical Notes follow the demand-oriented structure of Technical Deep Dives (TDDs) and document the identified client challenges, key technical takeaways, and the action plans that came up during the TDDs. The Technical Notes aim to illustrate how Japanese expertise can address the challenges brought in by the clients and puts emphasis on the comments and impressions expressed by the participating clients. SWM_Technical_Note.pdf