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Smart Urban Development Conference

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center



Urbanization is occurring at an unprecedented pace. Cities generate 80% of global GDP and are key to job creation and the pursuit of shared prosperity. Yet one billion city residents live in slums today, and by 2030 one billion new migrants will arrive in cities. Cities are the engines of economic growth, and in the past three decades, there have been dramatic shifts in demographic structure within cities adding challenges to cities in planning developments and service provisioning. Many cities in middle to lower income countries are still in need of core infrastructure including clean and adequate water supply, electric supply, sanitation facilities, efficient urban public transport, affordable housing for the poor. Could the strengthening of ICT connectivity and utilization of big data accelerate and improve the quality of urban services through innovation, enhanced efficiencies and enabling citizens to adopt local policies and implementation? This conference seeks to further the dialogue on the practical how-to of utilizing smart solutions and data in efficient and effective urban development globally. The conference will engage a variety of stakeholders from development organizations, the private sector, public sector and academia.

Sessions for the conference include:

• Opening Keynotes by: World Bank Group and Asian Development Bank
• Smart Mobility;
• Smart and Efficient Buildings,
• Smart Urban Service Provision,
• Smart Procurement and Financing,
• Capstone Session: Smart Urban Planning, and
• Closing by ADB-Institute.