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“Higher Ed Can Do MORE” message delivered to East Asia

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

The Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) collaborated with the World Bank East Asia and Pacific regional external affairs team last week to launch a new regional flagship report of the World Bank, titled “Putting Higher Education to Work: Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia” on October 13, 2011. 

The launch program included local and regional press conferences and a regional seminar with Jim Adams, Vice President of the World Bank East Asia Pacific Region and the two authors of the report attending from Tokyo. Key discussants were Kiyoshi Kodera (JICA), Annie Koh (Singapore Management University) and Ediberto de Jesus (Asian Institute of Management). The seminar was conducted via videoconferencing and brought together about 50 participants in Tokyo and close to 150 stakeholders in 7 connected sites in 6 countries.

The regional seminar was highly interesting in that the main findings and messages of the report were delivered in innovative ways, including through the use of an animated slideshow as an introduction to the subject matter, social media (Twitter/Facebook) to obtain real feedback from public audience and a summary video posted on Youtube. The media materials can be viewed from the official website of the report.

The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) has been providing an important platform for stakeholder consultations for the report since the drafting stage. Jim Adams, Vice President of the World Bank East Asia and Pacific region noted the role played by TDLC and GDLN Asia Pacific to deliver this important report to the stakeholders in the region with the World Bank team.

About the Report

Higher education is critical to maintaining economic growth in East Asian countries, according to this report. The report says that low- and middle-income countries in East Asia need to make their higher education systems more responsive to labor market demands and the economy as a whole to climb up the income ladder. For that, it suggests three priority areas where public policy can play a constructive role in improving the outcome of higher education through (1) more efficient and effective financing; (2) better management of public institutions; and (3) stewardship of the higher education system.

The full report, overview (short version), and press releases are available for free download.

The World Bank Tokyo Office Press release