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TDLC Report from general meeting 2009, Mongolia: Day 2

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

063009- Melody Wang, Shanghai DLC, provides an overview of the AFDC Economic Crisis Series program at the start of the general meeting program in Ulaanbaatar on Day 2, June 30, 2009.  TDLC/Lucy King

Terumi Hayashi
TDLC Roving

Day 2 of the general meeting got underway with a review of current programs run jointly with partners of GDLN Asia Pacific. A presentation was made by Melody Wang, Shanghai DLC on AFDC Economic Crisis Series and Eiko Wataya,TDLC on Asian Productivity Organization GDLN Based Distance Learning Course Series. This was followed with a presentation on South Asia Programs by Micheal Foley, WB, explaining the history of the SA region. Sri Lanka DLC was the first DLC established in SA, and followed by Afghanistan DLC. Nishantha Kamaladasa gave a presentation on the South Asia region.  He emphasized the importance of program evaluation. 

With a change of venue from the Legal Centre to the Mongolia DLC/World Bank office, we started with a VC session connecting with HCMC DLC where Vina Capital Foundation Executive Director Robin King gave a presentation on her International Symposium for Cardiac Surgery.  Following this, Tokyo Development Learning Center supplied an update on its role as a regional hub. TDLC manager Ryu Fukui gave a mission message, which was followed by reports from Tokyo – again via videoconference link. Our colleagues Le Vu, Iain Mitchell and Bob McDonald reported on utilization of the TDLC Hub and a new way to benefit from this. 

That’s it from Ulaanbaatar for now.

For more reports from the session and pdf files of the presentation slides, please look to the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting page