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TDLC Report from general meeting 2009, Mongolia: Day 1

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

June 30, 2009, Tokyo—Tokyo Development Learning Center representatives are attending a Global Development Learning Network general meeting which opened Monday in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to discuss how the region could boost its knowledge exchange and capacity building through the Global Development Learning Network.

The five-day meeting (June 29-July 3), hosted by the World Bank Mongolia Office and Mongolia Distance Learning Center, brings together over 40 representatives from across South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, to exchange the latest information on knowledge-sharing strategy and updates on ongoing programs.

Reporting from Ulaanbaatar is Tokyo Distance Learning Center Assistant Coordinator Terumi Hayashi, who’s been on the ground helping out with preparations since last week.

GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting participants pose for a family photo at the Legal Center in Ulaanbaatar,
Mongolia June 29, 2009.  TDLC/Terumi Hayashi

GDLN General Meeting Day 1

Terumi Hayashi
TDLC Roving

Participants from the United States, the Asia Pacific and South Asia gathered at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS) in clear, sunny Ulaanbaatar on Monday morning for the opening session of the GDLN Asia-Pacific general meeting. The session was connected by video conference with three local Mongolian Distance Learning Centers—Darkham DLC, Orkhon DLC, and Mongolia University of Science and Technology.

World Bank in Mongolia Resident Representative/Country Manager Arshad Sayed opened the week-long event, welcoming participants to his country. “The Famous Chinggis Khan has established Mongolia 400 years ago, which is a land that has a long history of sharing ideas and knowledge over long distances. We’re all here to develop better to make a future of Mongolia.” 

Mongolia’s Education, Culture and Science Minister Yo. Otgonbayar gave an opening speech, stressing “the importance of ‘Knowledge Sharing’ links for Mongolia which faces many challenges with other countries to learn from their best practices”. 

Following the speech, World Bank East Asia and Pacific Region Director of Strategy and Operations Sarah Cliffe spoke about the knowledge strategy of the World Bank and GDLN’s role in this strategy.

“A fundamental change has been brought about by the financial crisis which has served to highlight how countries are so interconnected and need to share information. In this unprecedented environment there is a clear and critical role for the GDLN to play,” Cliffe emphasized.

Phil Karp, GDLN Coordinator, East Asia and Pacific Region, gave an update on GDLN Asia-Pacific and its successful programs to date. A series of presentations from DLCs followed, showcasing successful programs including Microfinance Training of Trainers (MFTOT), Disaster Risk management (DRM), ASEAN+3 Health Ministers meeting on A/H1N1, and Pacific Leaders Virtual Forum. 

In a message read during this session, ASEAN Secretary-General Dr. Surin Pitsuwan acknowledged the support provided by the World Bank and GDLN for making possible an Emergency Health Ministers Meeting, ‘just in time’ at the outbreak of the A/H1N1 crisis. 

Day 1 of the general meeting gave participants a good sense of the knowledge sharing strategy of the World Bank and the East Asia-Pacific, and how GDLN fits into it all, and the currently ongoing programs and their focal points.

Working on program coordination in Tokyo, I’m always talking to colleagues online and by phone, trying to provide the support needed for the success of our programs, and to play a humble part in trying to make the world a better place. It’s great to put names to faces, and to meet dedicated colleagues in person at a gathering like this general meeting.
More later on Day 2, which will take a closer look at programs in Southeast Asia. There will also be a hub update by TDLC.

062909- TDLC Deputy Manager Lucy King (R), flanked by TDLC Manager Ryu Fukui (L) and TDLC Program Officer Eiko Wataya, speaks about the Microfinance Training of Trainers program at the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting in Ulaanbaatar June 29, 2009. 
Also included in the session was a DSM presentation.  TDLC/Terumi Hayashi

For more reports from the session and pdf files of the presentation slides, please look to the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting page