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TDLC Report from general meeting 2009, Mongolia: Day 3

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

070109- Han Fraeters, WBI, speaks on GDLN Global: Discussion of implementation options, focusing on local, regional, and global interfaces during the general meeting in Ulaanbaatar July 1, 2009.  TDLC/Terumi Hayashi

Terumi Hayashi
TDLC Roving

The weather has been very nice, another sunny day, and Day 3 was underway. Day 3 focused on the integration of South Asia and GDLN Asia Pacific, discussing opportunities and constraints to enhance collaboration between their programs and operations.

The meeting was opened by Markus Palenbarg, Institute for Development Strategy, with an introduction of GDLN Asia Pacific by Maree Tait, Australian National University, and Nishantha Kamaladasa, Sri Lanka Distance Learning Center. 

We discussed how we could work together and what the major differences were between EAP and SA.  Meeting attendants were split up into groups and discussed how to create a mechanism of joint programs, what governance is needed, and how this integration was going to benefit both regions.  A lot of ideas were raised by all participants.

After an active discussion, Palenbarg moved on to discuss GDLN Global objectives and strategies.  An introduction to the status quo was made, and ideas for GDLN global governance and services were presented.

For more reports from the session and pdf files of the presentation slides, please look to the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting page