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TDLC Report on general meeting 2009, Mongolia: Wrap

Monday, July 6th, 2009

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

Day 3 underway at Legal Center, Ulaanbaatar July 1, 2009 TDLC/Photo courtesy of Michael Foley

As the week-long general meeting neared its close on Day 4, TDLC staff on the ground in Ulaanbaatar confirmed another bright and early start at the World Bank Mongolia Office, a brisk 10-minute walk from their hotel.

The day was a much looked-forward to highlight of a session, dedicated to Distance Learning Center activities and regional programs, according to participating TDLC Deputy Manager Lucy King. “Participants put descriptions of their programs up on boards, there was brainstorming, there were wish lists of regional programs, and it was action-packed!”

Jakarta Distance Learning Center joined the fun via video conference while over a dozen regional programs were introduced, new regional programs were proposed, and assigned to lead Development Learning Centers to direct and coordinate on planning. The Philippine Distance Learning Center also connected later in the day.
About the only complaint here, it seems, was everyone’s desire for a longer session. The vibrant meeting was wrapped up, and after promising to meet again at the next meeting this winter in Manila, participants took part in a city excursion for a fascinating look into the rich history of Ulaanbaatar.

Participants concentrate during a session of the week-long general meeting
in Ulaanbaatar. TDLC/Photo courtesy of Michael Foley

On Day 5, the final day of this round of meetings, focus was on writing effective proposals. Participants took the lead from World Bank Institute trainers on thinking more strategically and to look more broadly at clear targets.
Participants were divided into groups, and each group was given a specific scenario for practical simulations. The exercise involved the planning of convincing presentations, teamwork, and competition. Toward the end of the session, the five groups judged each other. It was fun and very educational, participants said before heading off for Tereli National Park, its rolling hills and a glimpse at the natural beauty of the country.

Thanks to the hosts: Mongolia DLC team L-R; Y.Otgonbayar, J. Sunjidmaa, R. Maya, Daniel MacDonald,
and Saruul Artsat, not in picture

For more reports from the session and pdf files of the presentation slides, please look to the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting page