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Stakeholder Consultation Workshop for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Flood Risk Management

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

September 22, 2016, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam- TDLC participated in the Stakeholder Consultation Workshop held in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam on September 22, 2016 which was held by the World Bank Vietnam Country Office with the representation from HCMC among other local stakeholders. The workshop was attended by experts from Yokohama City, Japan, World Bank’s City Partnership Program (CPP) partner and the State of California and Washington in USA.

The HCMC Flood Risk Management Project is part of the World Bank’s long-term engagement to support the city to reduce overall flooding in the city through institutional development and structural investments, particularly around drainage improvement. The establishment of a city-level flood command/ operation room is a key project under this framework expected to last for 5 years inclusive of test operations.

TDLC provided technical support for the Yokohama City delegation led by Mr. Katsuhiko Nakazawa, Director of River Management participating from Japan as invited experts to introduce its experiences particularly around city-level flood operation encompassing both technical and institutional requirements for success. The presentation from Yokohama City gauged high interest from the Vietnam side as practical solutions and advice were given from practitioners who have overcome similar situations in the past.


“This is exactly I repeat, exactly what Japan was like 30 years ago! I know what needs to be done- from experience!” said Mr. Nakazawa.

The operational support has originated from the Technical Deep Dive (TDD) on Urban Floods held in April, 2016, a week-long learning event in Japan in which the Vietnam team saw the relevance of Japanese experiences to help address the issues they face around flood risk management. TDLC and the Tokyo DRM Hub have been providing joint support, notably through: 1) operational support report on technical advice by Japanese experts, 2) working note on understanding inter-jurisdictional flood risk management in Japan, and 3) video conference between Vietnam side and Japanese experts on flood management from ministries, development agencies, and academia.

Participants suggested a phasing approach to the project in which HCMC should start with simple steps wherein its success will be a catalyst to the implementation and achievement of the complex system. Specific interest was raised around collaboration and coordination among line agencies especially in data sharing and management as a crucial factor to the success of the establishment and operation of the Flood Command/ Operation Center in HCMC. Experts agreed that the process of prioritizing data gaps, identifying risks and proposing solutions/scenarios is the right approach to address the data sharing and management issue while ensuring achievement of city’s goals.