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TDLC provides Operational Support for the Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project (SUUP)

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center
Vietnam_Nov 2016

TDLC is currently conducting operational support for the Vietnam Scaling up Urban Upgrading Project (SUUP). To date, TDLC and design consultants from Mirairo Inc. provided recommendations for strengthening the investment designs proposed within the pre-feasibility study and feasibility study with a focus on enhancing universal accessibility and mobility, especially for the elderly and the disabled populations during a preceding mission from November 24-28, 2016 for Ving Long City and Vi Thanh City through a technical report submitted to the cities. During this appraisal mission in January 11-18, 2017, the Team witnessed that recommendations proposed in this report were well reflected to the updated feasibility study by local design consultants with the exception of a few items which were thoroughly discussed during this mission for improvement. Inputs on design are further provided for Long Xuyen and Soc Trang as an output of this appraisal mission. In the appraisal workshop in Vinh Long on January 12, 2017, the concept of green infrastructure design was introduced to city leaders, with the base concept that it will have advantages in 1) urban design and landscape improvement, 2) providing public space and increasing amenity for all, and potentially 3) flood risk management if the right design is put in place. Experiences from Japan will be drawn and further analysis will be conducted in post mission. Cities and local design consultants are expected to reflect the proposals as was agreed by Leaders of the cities in the Vinh Long Workshop.