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TDLC Hub Presentation – from Ulaanbaatar and Tokyo

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

July 1, 2009, Tokyo- On Tuesday afternoon, Tokyo connected the Ulaanbaatar general meeting with Jakarta who cascaded on to Bali for a TDLC hub presentation.

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archive of the session here.

TDLC Manager Ryu Fukui, seen and heard here in Tokyo on a screen by live connection, began the presentation from sunny Ulaanbaatar. He described the concept of the operation as a regional hub – a central function providing technical support for the Asia Pacific region. “TDLC is aiming to become the preeminent platform in the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. “

063009- Tokyo Development Learning Center Manager Ryu Fukui gives a TDLC hub update during a GDLN Asia Pacific Technology Platform presentation in Ulaanbaatar June 30, 2009. The presentation was provided via connection, from Ulaanbaatar and Tokyo.  TDLC/Terumi Hayashi

”Our technical hub notion should not only include bridging, but a whole range of multi-media services, for DLCs and clients, for more use.”

Explaining that the presentation was split into two parts, Fukui told meeting participants that TDLC has been developing the regional website, an independent site with ongoing work.

The microphone was passed on to TDLC Web Developer/Designer Bob McDonald in Tokyo for Part 1, a slide and PowerPoint presentation on the regional website. McDonald stressed that the website was focused on marketing, aimed at promoting activities within the region and to reach potential partners, supporters, and the general public.

Publishing all-new GDLN Asia Pacific information on the new site is underway, he said. “You have the ability to post your information to the site, when it’s most advantageous for you to do so,” he said. “You can tell the story of your program the way you want it told, when it’s most appropriate to tell it.”

“ is intended as a business and marketing tool, allowing us to more effectively communicate the power and value of the network.”

He explained that all centers are allowed to update content, ensuring that information is fresh and up-to-date. “These aren’t just goals anymore, the site’s now live.” McDonald showed examples of what was already up on the site, as well as online video instructions.  “It’s easy, painless, and I’m here to help you.”

Part 2 focused on TDLC’s function and services as a regional technical hub. TDLC Technical Operations Officer Iain Mitchell gave a PowerPoint update on technical hub services, launched in March 2009.

“The technical infrastructure has been created. This is to enhance activity of GDLN in the region. More DLCs are encouraged to use TDLC services, particularly in multimedia and post-production.” With connections possible by phone and videostreaming, usage does not need to be limited to DLC centers, he said.

Now connecting an average of 10 conferences per month, or 20 percent of total conferences, the goal is to connect at least 80 percent of those in the East Asia Pacific region, Mitchell said, adding that further expansion to South Asia is expected when reliable services can be offered technically. The advantages of a Tokyo hub, in basically the same time zone as the rest of Asia, are clearly evident – flexibility, real time technical support, convenience.

When asked by a meeting participant what was preventing TDLC from taking on 80 percent of conference connections now, he replied that first ensuring the smooth running of events was most important. “We don’t grab as many conferences as we can – then the support goes down. I think at the moment it’s important to make sure we can handle volume. Then slowly open up to South Asia,” The goal of 80 percent was set from just looking at the number of conferences held in the region, he said.

Following the end of the Tokyo portion after questions and applause, the presentation was returned to Ulaanbaatar, where Senior Technical Advisor Le Vu provided a GLDN Asia Pacific perspective. Mentioning the beginning of GDLN as part of the World Bank network and the emergence of the Internet helping build GDLN outside the bank, he wrapped up the session with a vision on how we can work toward business continuity in the region, by introducing an information management platform.

For more reports from the session and pdf files of the presentation slides, please look to the GDLN Asia Pacific general meeting page