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MFTOT6 End-Course Evaluation

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

The Microfinance Training of Trainer Course has been broadening opportunities and building capacity of individuals and institutions through sustained efforts in reaching out to people of diverse backgrounds in various parts of the world.


During the sixth round which completed in the winter of 2009, the African Development Bank became a partner to the World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) to support participants from Africa countries, and students from more than 40 countries including 6 African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda were able to join the course. 174 graduates of the sixth round newly joined the community of certified trainers, which has grown to a total of 509 certified trainers from 48 countries up to date*. These certified trainers are expected to take a lead in their communities and some have already proven to be valuable assets for rural finance development and poverty reduction in their countries.

The MFTOT course has continued to receive high evaluation on its quality. More than 90% of participants gave positive rating to the questions on the usefulness of the self-study materials, the overall quality of the Course, and on the extent of new information/knowledge gained from the course. However, some feedback from participants has made the Course Team aware of some of the issues and challenges we still need tackle, such as maintaining a certain quality of discussion in the online discussion forums and enabling efficient use of the webcasting technologies to participants, to which the Course Team members are trying to come up with creative solutions at the moment in preparation for the next round of the MFTOT Course.


For more details, please read the full report.
The MFTOT6 End-Course Evaluation
The Impact Evaluation of the Microfinance Training of Trainers Course 1-3

* The total figure of certified trainers is inclusive of the new graduates of MFTOT 6.