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Lively seminar on innovative Global 4 Dimensions Water Cycle Management System

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

The World Bank East Asia and Pacific Region hosted the WBEAP/GDLN Global 4 Dimensions Water Cycle Management Seminar in collaboration with the Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and Restoration, WB TDLC and the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN). The seminar connected the capital cities of China, Indonesia, Madagascar, Vietnam, Laos and Japan, and three different venues from the Philippines via videoconference.  Over 130 participants registered the seminar including academics, business representatives, international organizations, central and local government, ministries, civil society organizations, media and think tanks.

The seminar kicked off with a presentation by Dr. Kotaro Takemura, President, Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and Restoration.  Dr. Takemura presented the innovative Global 4 Dimensions Water Cycle Management System, which originated in Japan and simulates past, present and future water cycle systems and visualizes the result with easy-to-understand graphics, by using the examples of Hokkaido, Kyusyu and Kanto area of Japan.  Dr. Takemura went on to explain how this world renowned cutting-edge technology will be able to provide county-based information on water cycle management that will help policy makers when drawing up and executing strategic action plans. 

Mr. Wataru Kawato, Information and Communication Technology System Department Intelligence and Information System Division, Defense System Company, Hitachi, Ltd., talked about the advanced use of ‘Cloud-based Information Sharing Infrastructure’. Specifically he explained the function and merits of GETFLOWS and GIS as well as the master plan of water cycles of respective countries, a draft of action plan, fundamental information sharing upon implementation of the action plan to policy makers, and the future development of cloud’s utilization.

A lively discussion session followed and many questions were raised. Here are some questions that came from the participants.

“The seminar was really interesting because the country has huge water resource issues”.

“It is quite significant to visualize surface and subsurface coupled fluid-flow and to learn interesting ways of thinking on water resource management through this project like forecasting and evaluating the Climate Change impact to the water cycle system”.

The seminar was recorded and is now available for viewing on the Global 4 Dimensions Water Cycle Management Seminar program page.