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Kids & Youth Initiative—What the Children Have to Say About It

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

story from Tokyo Development Learning Center

Since the launch of the Kids & Youth Initiative 2004, TDLC has been promoting cross-cultural understanding and helping to develop dialogue between kids.

Here are some comments received from our young participants after their video conferences:

Kulshini De Alwis was part of a session held between Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea on November 26, 2004. Girl scout and boy scout representatives sang their national anthems, and learned about each other’s daily lives and culture.

See details here.

Kulshini De Alwis,3rd Colombo pack, Sri Lanka

Piyatida (2nd/R) and friends at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Elementary School in Bangkok enjoyed a videoconference with Japanese students in Okinawa on March 28, 2005.

They exchanged traditional song and dance, and wrapped up the session with a chorus of “Doraemon-no-Uta” (theme song for Japanese manga, Doraemon) in Thai and Japanese.

Thai-Japan videoconference, July 17, 2007

Thai student’s rendering of a videoconference


Pannita, Bangkok, Thailand

By Kamolnun Ruddit, Pundharee Viryasiri, Jirasita Na Songkyl, Thailand


Video conference scene in Thailand

Video conference scene in Thailand