Knowledge Sharing Seminars on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

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Summer 2015 - Present

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Cities in developing countries are growing at an unprecedented rate and scale. With rising incomes, cities will expand outward, following the trajectory of automobile-dependent urban development evident in developed countries, where such development is often accompanied by the negative impacts of sprawl such as traffic congestion and air pollution. Transit and land-use integration is one of the most promising means of reversing the negative trends of sprawl and placing cities in developing countries on a sustainable pathway.

Cover of Transforming Cities with Transit
Transforming Cities with Transit

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a major solution in promoting sustainable urban growth and development. Done well, TOD advances economic development, environmental sustainability, and -inclusive social development. The rapid growth of urban areas and increasing investment in urban transportation systems in the developing world presents a unique opportunity of TOD, including possible Land Value Capture to raise funds needed for transit investment.

Cover of Financing TOD with Land Values
Financing TOD with Land Values

The World Bank Group has been accumulating operational and advisory experience in TOD across country programs in Colombia, China, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Vietnam, among others. The Bank has also consolidated emerging global knowledge on TOD by publishing “Transforming Cities with Transit,” and “Financing Transit-Oriented Development with Land Values”.

To undertake TOD, it is imperative that professionals with different disciplines (urban and transport planners, transport engineer, housing experts, financial experts, community development experts, etc.) work together, across institutional and organization boundaries. Cross-GP Community of Practice on Transit-Oriented Development was created to promote the aggregation, exchange, production, and dissemination of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) knowledge across the WBG as well as the Bank’s client governments and other external partners.

To this end, the World Bank Group and the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) will host a series of knowledge sharing seminars and other activities on TOD, where experience and lessons learned from Japan as well as from the World Bank client countries will be introduced and discussed.


Session 1:
Sharing Good Practices on Transit-Oriented Development: Cases from the World Bank and Japan     

Session 2:   
Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks for Private-Public Partnership in the Tokyo Station Area

Session 3:
Japan’s History of TOD and Application of Japanese TOD model in Developing Countries   

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