PFA Orientation: Mutual Support for Resiliency after Crisis 3

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Multi-country Orientation Videoconferences

September 17, 2014 15:00-18:30(JST)
Participating countries: Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Cover of PFA Guide
Cover of PFA Field Guide

In close partnership with WHO, together with United Nations University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, The World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) will host a video conference session on Psychological First Aid (PFA) for health and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific.

TDLC will deliver an interactive learning opportunity for policy makers and other change agents engaged in DRM to learn the basics of PFA, raise awareness on importance to integrate mental health and psychosocial perspectives in their respective DRM policies/programs, and develop capacity to provide safe support in crisis situation.

The main author of the WHO Field Guide, Dr. Leslie Snider will serve as the main speaker for this session.

The orientation is structured as a 3.5 hour VC session.
It will cover the fundamentals of PFA, dos and don’ts, self-care techniques, interactive Q&As, role-plays, and open discussion.
A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of the program.


Dr. Shekhar Saxena, Director, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO (video message)
Dr. Leslie Snider, Consultant (facilitator)
Mr. Ananda Galappatti, Director (Strategy), The Good Practice Group (facilitator)
Dr. Asami Onuma, National Institute of Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan (moderator)
Takashi Izutsu, Senior Knowledge Management Officer, TDLC (moderator)

Participating Countries:

Sri Lanka

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